MEV-Boost: Ethereum to Launch New Marketplace for Validators

• Ethereum developers are preparing to launch the Shanghai Capella testnet this week.
• The MEV-Boost allows validators to access blocks from a marketplace of builders.
• Despite recent upgrades, Ethereum still has a long way to go before it reaches its final state.

Ethereum Shanghai Capella Testnet

The Ethereum development team is set to launch the Shanghai Capella testnet this week during an All Core Developers Consensus Call (ACDC). This upgrade includes the Maximum Extracted Value (MEV) Boost, an open-source middleware run by validators that provides access to a competitive block-building market. It was developed by Flashbots as an implementation of the Prosperity Builder Separation (PBS) for the proof-of-stake blockchain underpinning the Ethereum network. The activation date and final client releases have been announced by Tim Beiko, an Ethereum core developer.


The MEV-Boost enables validators to acquire blocks from a marketplace of builders. This system is designed with Prosperity Builder Separation (PBS) in mind and can help improve overall efficiency and reduce transaction costs on the network. It also gives validators more control over their transactions and increases security on the netwrok.

Roadmap Ahead

According to Danny Ryan, Ethereum Foundation researcher and network upgrade coordinator, despite progress made in terms of development and customer safety this year, there is still a complex roadmap ahead until all features of the protocol are finalized. He suggests that finding a “sufficient end state” for a secure and decentralized blockchain will take many years as there are immediate technological concerns that need addressing first.

The Merge

The Merge was recently released onto the network which enabled validators to withdraw their stake from the Beacon Chain back onto the execution layer – another step towards making it easier for users to interact with smart contracts on Ethereum’s main chain while maintaining security across all networks involved in staking activities.

Sepolia Testnet Launch

Finally, Devnet7 with Zheijang testnet were activated alongside Shanghai/Capella’s upgrade which will be deployed on Sepolia – allowing developers plenty of time prior to launch date to test out new features before going live with them on MainNet later this year or early next year depending on how successful testing goes over these coming months..